Director Acre Frameworks

Founder Acre Frameworks – Rebranding Health and Safety, one individual at a time


With over 12 years’ experience recruiting senior Health and Safety professionals across the globe, Anna has recently partnered with Acre in support of their strategy to add value to their clients and the wider Health and Safety profession.

Focussing on the assessment and development of behavioural competencies in the profession, Anna has conducted a series of in-depth interviews with industry leaders to define the competencies critical for success and create the Acre Frameworks Competency Framework.

This framework is the foundation for a range of assessment and development offerings aimed at assisting individuals and teams to improve their performance. In addition to having extensive recruitment experience, Anna is also an accredited psychometric assessor and trained competency interviewer.

Competencies critical for success as a safety and health professional


The Health and Safety industry is evolving and with it is the skill set required to be successful. There will always be a need for technical underpinning gained through formal qualifications, but many successful leaders attribute their success to the ability to demonstrate a set of critical competencies that go beyond technical knowledge.

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